What’s Haruka Ayase’s pet and its name? What is a Beauty Colosseum, height and weight? Who is her current boyfriend?

 What’s Haruka Ayase’s pet and its name? What is a Beauty Colosseum, height and weight? Who is her current boyfriend?
I’m going to tell you about a Japanese actress Ayase Haruka, her pet, and gossips.  She has an unexpected pet and had suffered from diet before.
Japanese / 日本語

Haruka’s pet

I took a look at Haruka’s pets and they were a Shiba inu, a Brown tabby, and a Clione…  a Clione??  I have searched their pics as much as possible and I will show you them  one by one.

Fuku-chan, Shiba Inu

According to Haruka, Fuku-chan is a female Shiba inu named by Haruka’s mom.  She was introduced at the press conference of a Panasonic new video intercom integrated to smartphone in 2016.
The above pic about 10 month old of Fuku.  The below is the latest pic of Fuku in 2016.  She was almost an adult.


There was info that it’s a brown tabby.  Maybe this is it.  there was no detail info.  I wonder if it’s female or male.


It was probably about 10 years ago that Clione became popular after appeared in a TV commercial in Japan.  It inhabits under ice floe so it likes cold place.  There was a magazine article that Haruka kept it in her fridge. Haha.

Haruka Ayase

Haruka Ayase was born in Hiroshima on March 24th, 1985.
Haruka made a debut by the audition “Horipro Scout Caravan” in 2000.  She got a jury’s special award in the audition.  She started her career from pinup girl but her acting was soon highly evaluated.  In 2004, she played in the movie “Sekaino Chushinde, Ai wo sakebu” as a heroine.  She has appeared in many dramas and movies.  Her latest movie is “Konya, Romance Gekijyode” and she starred in the movie.

Beauty Colosseum?  What are her height and weight?

One of the famous episode of Haruka is that she appeared the Beauty Colosseum.  The Beauty Colosseum is a comedy show that the people who have problem their appearance and try to change it.  She got fat a year after her debut due to stress of work.  She has achieved to lose 8kg(4.5 lbs) in 7 weeks.  The below is a picture of her before the diet.
Haruka was 165cm(5’5″) tall and weigh 58kg(127.7lbs) and she lost 17 lbs in 7 weeks.
She was still cute before her diet.  🙂

Tell me Her boyfriend!

Since Haruka is very poplar, she has a lots of rumor.  I will tell you some of them.

Takayuki Yamada

Haruka and Takayuki become a rumor by the trigger of co-staring in the drama.  They was scooped when they went into Takayuki’s apartment.  However it was just a pic of two people’s back.  We don’t know if it was true or not.  He had another gossip and became a hot topic after the gossip with Haruka.

Takao Ohsawa

Haruka and Takao become a rumor by the trigger of co-staring in the drama “Jin”.  She had seen several times around Takao’s apartment and has been scooped when Haruka went into Takao’s apartment.  However both of their agents  denied the rumor.

Tohri Matsuzaka

Haruka and Tohri played in the drama in 2014.  In 2015, their gossip was reported on several tabloids.  They were seen as getting married soon but they seemed to break up in 2016.  The reason their breaking up is that Tohri wanted to focus on his career.  I don’t know if it’s true…

Well, that’s all about Haruka Ayase, a Japanese star.  I think that Miniature Schnauzer is very poplar.  It was not good because there was no picture of his pet…  Anyway,  I look forward to Tohri’s continued success!