What’s Hiyori Sakurada’s pet and its name? Ayami Nakajo and Kento Nakajima? Who is her boyfriend? 

What’s Hiyori Sakurada’s pet and its name?  Ayami Nakajo and Kento Nakajima?  Who is her boyfriend? 

I’m going to tell you about Hiyori Sakurada this time.  She’s been very active as a child actor and model since she was a child.  I have a feeling she will really have a breakout this year!

Japanese / 日本語


Hiyori’s pet

According to Hiyori, she doesn’t have a pet!  Awww…  She is surely a girl and really want to have one.  She has Marimos instead.


I know there’re lots people who name something to Marimo so I’d love to their name.  Haha.

Hiyori Sakurada


In 2014, she appeared in the drama “Ashita mama ga inai.”  She attracted attention playing Piamil, a child from children’s home.  The main role was Mana Ashida, and the people from Internet was saying Hiyori’s acting ability was really good and it’s as same as Mana.



There was Rio Suzuki in the drama too.  This drama had lots talented child actor.


These days, Hiyori Sakurada appeared in the action movie as Hinami Fueguchi.



This is a pic from a movie.



Hiyori had read the original comic and she said that I wanted to play Hinami when the comic become a live action.

Hiyori’s acting is great!

Hiyori’s been so busy lately.

She was praised by her co-stars at press conference of her latest movie.  Wow!  All of them are very popular movie stars!



She looked really happy with hearing comments from her co-stars.



She will appear in the drama in April 2018.



This drama is based on a novel and the story is about main characters’ romances.

There are lots of Ayami


When I searched Hiyori’s articles and found lots of Ayami Nakajo name.

Ayami Nakajo


Ayami is very a famous model and a actress in Japan.


And Hiyori’s pic.


Oh!  They are really look alike!  The rumors or the articles was saying that Hiyori resembles Ayami.  Yeah, I think they are both pretty.  🙂


Her romance?


Hiyori will be a high schooler this year.  I think she should have at least some male friends…

Kento Nakajima

Wow!  A Japanese super idol!  So, is she dating with him?

Yup, he is a cool guy for sure.  Where were they witnessed?  At a theme park or something?



And Hiyori’s pic.  Hmmm….  same angle.



Ah!  The rumor was that they looked pretty alike…  Do you think so?  Yeah… maybe.  Haha.



I think that’s all about Hiyori Sakurada, a Japanese actress, her pet and family info.  I couldn’t find much information about her pet tho.  Excuse me…  Anyway, I look forward to Hiyori’s continued success!