What’s Issey Takahashi’s pet and its name? His private outfits? Do you know his bro? Is his girlfriend Aoi Morikawa?

What’s Issey Takahashi’s pet and its name?  His private outfits?  Do you know his bro? Is his girlfriend Aoi Morikawa?

I’m going to tell you about a Japanese actor Issey Takahashi, his pet, and his latest information, I mean gossips.  🙂  Issey has been in the show biz for a long time and made a debut in 1990.

Japanese / 日本語

Issey’s Pet

Issey’s pets is Nikuyama-san.  I think that he has very unique sense of naming.  Niku means meat and Yama means mountain.  San is a suffix for expressing your respect to people.  So it’s like someone’s last name.


Well, as for Nikuyama-san’s info, there’s nothing about him and no pic!  Issey was talking about him in an article of a magazine and he said, “I’d avoided to have a pet because I would be sad if it would die earlier than me.  Once I had one, it’s really cute!”  The only thing I got about him that it’s Chihuahua.

Imaginary picture of Nikuyama-san.

What’s Chihuahua?  What?

So what’s Chihuahua?  I’ve checked it out.  It originally came from South America and was developed in America in early 19th century.  It is the smallest breed in the world but very brave and cheerful.  It works very well as a guard dog regardless of its size.   It has many color valuations such as pure red, white, tan, black&tan, black&white, brown&white, an brown&yellow.  The average price of Chihuahua is  about 2,000 USD(210,000JPY) in Japan.

Hmm…  I wonder what Nikuyama-san’s color is…

Issey Takahashi

He was born in Tokyo in December 9th, 1980.

Issey started his career in the 5th episode of the drama “ZokuZoku Sanbiki ga kiru” in 1990.  He played in the Ghibli anime “Hoshi wo tsugu mono” as Seiji Amasawa’s voice actor.

Issey had broke out last year!

In 2015, Iessy played in the drama “Minoh” and has caught on.  Co-stars of the drama were Kasumi Arimura, Takahata Mitsuki, and Kentaro Sakaguchi.  

He made a huge breakout with starring in the dramas such as “Quartet”,  “Onna Johshu Naotora”, and “Warotenka” in 2017

Issey’s pics on Anan got huge attention!

In 2017, Issey appeared on Anan, a nationwide poplar fashion magazine, as model.  It got huge attention!

Issey made a splash with his other interesting pics.  🙂

Oops!  Look at Issey’s outfits!

This is a pic became a hot topic these days.  Issey wore his own outfits.  What do you think?  Ugly or cool?  He is a very poplar guy so it’s okay to wear a big mask for disguise but rider’s jacket and chain for a wallet…

Hmmm…  I don’t know but many people are saying his own outfits are ugly.  I think it’s okay because he’s still cool!  Haha.

Issey’s bro became a hot topic!

Issey has four brothers including half-brothers.  There are many years between Issey and his brothers, and he used to take care of his brothers a lot.  Yuma Abe, the third son of Issey’s brother, is a guitar and vocal of the band “never young beach.”  It’s embarrassing, but I didn’t about Yuma.  I watched his video on Youtube and it was really cool.  Lyrics and Yuma’s voice were great.

Yuma is a half-brother of Issey so they don’t look alike very much.  Their common point is that they are very talented.

Her pet and Instagram are fine… How about her gossip?

As you already know, Issey is really cool guy so he has lots of rumors.  I have searched them.

Ono Machiko

Issey was reported on the relationship with Machiko Ono, poplar Japanese actress.  It all started when they tweeted same pic of Japanese stew.  According to the report, they were living together at that time.  Their relationship seemed to last not that long because Machiko was getting poplar.

Ahhhh….  She is so beautiful.  I like her.

Reina Tanaka

Issey was reported on a dating with Rena Tanaka, Japanese actress, in 2013.  Issey co-starred with Rena in the drama “Gekiryu Watashi wo oboete imasuka”  They seemed to live together sometimes and were taken pics when they were dating in Tokyo.

Just in case, this is a pic at that time.  Rena looked happy.

After that, Rena announced her marriage registered in 2016 and told that she started dating with her husband in 2015.  So Issey and Rena’s relashionship had ended for almost 2 years.  Well, they are adult so they have lots of things, right?

Aoi Morikawa

Issey and Aoi Morikawa, Japanese young star, were reported by tabloid in February 2018.  They met each other in the drama “Princess Maison.”  Aoi was taken picture when she was going into Issey’s $2M apartment.

Aoi attended an event after the tabloid report, but she left the event without telling anything about Issey and her relationship.  Hala.  It’s nothing special!  Issey is 37 years old and Aoi is 22 years old.  That’s huge age gap.  Is this rumor true or not?  Hmm… maybe true.

By the way, Aoi looks very good at drawing.  She put some of them on her Instagram.  Wow!  She is very talented!


Well, that’s all about IsseyTakahashi, a national actor.  I look forward to Issey’s continued success!