What’s Izumi Mori’s pet and its name? Open her pet shop? Sis and DIY awesome? Who is her boyfriend?

What’s Izumi Mori’s pet and its name? Open her pet shop? Sis and DIY awesome? Who is her boyfriend?
I’m going to tell you about a very celeb and fashion model Izumi Mori, her pet, and gossips.  She is beautiful, really famous for an animal lover and DIY.  Her sisters are famous for beautiful as well.  She has a lot of topics.  Let’s check it up!

Izumi’s pet

I have searched Izumi’s pets as much as possible and she has at least 17 kinds of species.  She seems to have more than 30 pets.  There’re hundreds of pics with animals and her in them, so I wasn’t sure which were her pets actually.  Well, I love birds

Rio and Janeiro

Izumi has two Toco Toucan, Rio and Janeiro.  They are named after Rio de Janeiro.  I’m not sure if the one in the pic is Rio or Janeiro.  🙂  Toco Toucan is generally 60cm(24″) long and its beak about 20cm(8″) long.  It has the largest beak among birds.

Its cry is really big and you can hear it 1 kilometers away.  If you have it, you need to have soundproof measures to your room.  Ugh!  The price of Toco Toucan is about 4,000USD in Japan and live for about 30 years.

Bongo, Jewel, Ruby and Mojito

The birds in the front are Bongo and Jewel, blue-and-yellow macaw.  Izumi also has Ruby and Mojito, Eclectus Parrot and they are in the back.  As for Eclectus Parrot, you can easily distinguish between female and male.  Its female is pink and male is green.  I thought they are different breed.
Wow! big!  As you can see, blue-and-yellow macaw is one of the largest bird in the world.  It’s about 80cm(32″) big.  Its price is about 4,500USD and live for about 60 years.  If I have it now, it will live longer than me…
There was a note from a pet shop about having a blue-and-yellow macaw.  It said that you need to have your successor to ensure that you would pass away earlier than your bird.   Ahhh…. I see.

 Izumi Mori

Izumi Mori was born in Tokyo on October 18th, 1982.
She is a granddaughter of a world famous fashion designer Hanae Mori and her mom was Pamella Mori, an Italian American fashion model.  In 2002, when she was 19 years old and made a debut as a fashion model. She has experienced to be in the Paris Fashion Week.
Izumi has become famous after being the talk show “Oshare Izum” as a performer.  She talked super frankly to anyone and become a hot topic at that time.  She has own opinion that you wouldn’t get mad just being talked to frankly.  Well even now, she talk to anyone very frankly.
This is a picture of the three generations of Mori family.  There’re her parents, her two brother, and two sister in her family.  Each her brother and sister work very well on fashion and entertainment world.

Pet shop opened!

Up Town Pet, a pet shop consulted by Izumi opened in 2014.  It’s in Hiroo Tokyo and offering pet hotel and beauty salon.

Skillful at DIY!

Speaking of Izumi, she is a genuine celeb but very good at DIY.

Izumi is poplar in the comedy show “Shiawase Bonbi Girl” as DIY lover.  She is making fashionable and convenient goods with cheaper materials in the segment of the comedy show called “Izumi’s Geki Yasu Reform.”

Izumi has bought a used home for 350,000USD in the show and remodeled it by herself.  She planned to live there with her 30 pets after remodeling.

Izumi’s sister?

Izumi has two sisters.  Yuki is a year younger than Izumi.  This is a pic of her when she was a fashion model.  According to a talk show, Yuki is living in Los Angels with her husband and child now.

If you search by Mori Yuki, you will get lots of different results such as Moriyuki from a famous anime.  I found her pic anyway.  Haha.

Next is Izumi’s youngest sister, Hikaru.  She is a very poplar fashion model and you can see her in commercials in Japan everyday.

They are really beautiful sisters!

Who is her boyfriend?

Well… There were lots of gossips about her, but I don’t want to talk about everything now…  She is an adult so.  She was asked about her boyfriend in the talk show and answered “No I don’t have a boyfriend now.”  There’s an episode about it.

Taki Pierre

Pierre and Izumi are not dating just in case!  When she was asked about her type in the talk show, she said that my type was Pierre.  He was their at that time.  Her type is a guy sexy and accept others.

Taki Pierre is poplar actor famous for good at acting.

What do you think of him?  Is he the man?  He got very embarrassed when Izumi confessed Pierre was her type.  lol

Well, that’s all about Izumi Mori.  she really loves animals.  I respect Izumi that she can take care of many animals.   Anyway,  I look forward to Izumi’s continued success!