What’s Kubota Masataka’s pet and its name? Six-packed abs! Who is his current girlfriend? 

What’s Kubota Masataka’s pet and its name?  Six-packed abs!  Who is his current girlfriend? 
I’m going to tell you about a Japanese actor Masataka Kubota, his pet, and gossips.  He starred in a drama in 2015 and a movie in 2017.  He is famous for a cat lover.  I didn’t know but he is a hunk.  Anyway, he has a lot of topics.  Let’s check it up!
Japanese / 日本語

Masataka’s pet

Masataka likes animals and loves cats.  So his pets are cats and he has cats at his parents house.  When he lost his cat and felt sad, he picked up a stray cat.  After that, he add 3 cat and has 4 cats in his parents house.


Originally, the Kubota family had a cat called “Myu.”  After 49 days Myu passed away, Masataka has picked up the cat, Deco.
*49 days has special meaning for Buddhism that a person passed away would judge if the person have to go heaven or hell.  Therefore, Buddhists have a ceremony for the person passed away to help his going to heaven.

Deco is a mix breed.  He is cute!


Deco(means forehead in Japanese) was named because he had big forehead.  Cat is about small forehead… but his is big.  Haha.

L, Coco, and Al

L, Coco, and Al are cats after Deco coming.  Only Coco is female cat.  There were picture of three of them.  I wonder which cat is with Masataka in the picture.  Excuse me, I couldn’t find info.

I had a cat before, but my cat was very spoiled and rolled over to my leg to have her breakfast every morning.  I think that taking care of four cats will be very tough.  The Kubota family really loves cats.  🙂

Masataka Kubota

Masataka Kubota was born in Kanagawa on August 6th, 1988.
He made a debut in the drama “Cheke ra cho! in TOKYO.”  His debut was the trigger of applying for an audition magazine.  He appeared in the NHK drama series “Taira no Kiyomori” in 2012. After that, he appeared in the NHK morning drama series “Hanako to Ann”, and public were playing attention to Masataka.
These days, starring in the live action movie became hot topics.  Masataka’s Light, main character of the drama was really cool!


Masataka starred in the drama based on a well known comic as Light Yagami.
From the left, Kent Yamazaki playing L, Masataka playing Light, and Mio Yuki playing Nate.
Masataka’s talent became a hot topic.



He has played Ken Kaneki, main character in the live action movie.  This comic is very poplar not only Japan but overseas countries.  This is a story of fighting with monsters.  Masataka is really cool!



It looks very close to original comic. Not only computer graphics, but also Masataka’s playing got attraction.

He is very fit!

Masataka is cool and fit!  Wow!  I want to be more fit.  To get a body like him, you need to lose weight and then work out to fit.  Ohhhh…  I see.
And Masataka has a bar at his home and trains with it.  Masataka is cool and fit!  Wow!  I want to be more fit.  To get a body like him, you need to lose weight and then work out to fit.  Ohhhh…  I see.
This is a scene from the drama “Last Cop.”  The right is Ryoma Takeuchi.  Masataka looks cool.

Tell me about his girlfriend.

Next is a hot topic that is Masataka’s romances.  He is a cool and has lean body, so he must have rumors!  There’re lots of fake news but I will tell you everything.  🙂

Tsubasa Honda

Masataka and Tsubasa were in the same commercial and their rumor was in the air.  Every one thought it was a promotion for new actor Masataka.  Anyway, I want to have a gossip with Tsubasa…



Mikako Tabe

Mikako and Masataka were often taken pictures by tabloid since they had been taken a picture first time in 2012.  Every one thought they would get married soon, but they seemed to break up around 2015.  They were probably dating for 3 years.  Hmm… this might be true.


Erica Toda

They became a rumor because there was a kiss scene.  I think Erica easily often become a rumor with co-stars.


Chiaki Kuriyama

Chiaki and Masataka became a rumor by co-starring in the drama in 2015


Asami Mizukawa

The most hot topic of Masataka is about Asami Mizukawa.  They were taken pictures that they were driving together and going into the same apartment.  Their agencies admitted the truth of their relationship.  I wonder if they will get married soon.



Regarding Asami, their sneakers were also hot topic.



They are VANS OLD SKOOL.  I’m not sure this model is so poplar.  VANS is very poplar Japanese bland tho.

Okay, that’s all about Masataka Kubota’s pet, bio, lean body, great girlfriend history.  Hmm… Is he going to get married with Asami???  Anyway,  I look forward to Yoshimi’s continued success!