What’s Matsuda Shota’s pet? Yuki his sis. Is Akimoto Kozue his girlfriend?

What’s Matsuda Shota’s pet? Yuki his sis. Is Akimoto Kozue his girlfriend?
This time, I’m going to tell you about a Japanese actor Shota Matsuda, her pet, and gossips.  He is a son of legendary actor, the late Yousaku Matsuda and all of his family members in a show biz. 

Shota’s pet


 Is Shota a dog or cat lover?  I took a look at his Instagram, etc. and found lots of pics taken with cats.  So I think he is a cat lover.  Okay, I’ll show you them.


Shota Matsuda’s cat is Rossi, a Ocicat.  I’m not sure if Rossi is a male or female, and I wonder which it is.  I just knew that Rossi was taken by Leica from its hashtag.
Rossi often appears in Shota’s Instagram.  Maybe, Shota shot Rossi or Shota’s mom did.  Hmm… Shota’s mom.  The pics are really good.  Ah, I think it’s Shota’s mom.

Which Rossi?

Well, Rossi?  The Rossi was named after which Rossi?  I had lots of search result about Rossi, it’s the most common last name in Italy.  If it’s in Japan, it’s Satoh or Suzuki.

I got a legend of bike racer, Valentino Rossi the most.  It is said Valentino is the best rider ever, so he is a candidate for sure.

Wait a minute, I found Shota was a soccer player and in a youth team of Serie A…  So…

Speaking of soccer player, it’s Giuseppe Rossi or

Daniele De Rocci maybe…

Yeah, I think it’s Daniele De Rossi so the Rossi is a male.  Haha.

Shota Matsuda

Shota Matsuda was born in Tokyo on September 10th, 1985.
Shota Matsuda is a second of Yusaku Matsuda and Miyuki Matsuda.  When he was four years old, his dad had passed away.  He was playing hard in his school days and in a soccer team of Serie A.
 Shota Matsuda’s carrer has started in 2005 by appearing in the drama “Yankee boko ni kaeru Tabidachi no toki Fryou shounen no hi.”  He got a attraction with the drama “LIAR GAME” as main character and starred in the movie “Waruboro.”

 Little sis, YUKI?  How about his family?

As for Shota Matsuda, he is a member of very famous show biz family.  I will tell you all of them just in case!

The last Yusaku Matsuda

Yusaku Matsuda passed away when Shota Matsuda was four years old.  Many people felt sad about Yusaku.  Yusaku’s posthumous work was the movie “Black Rain.”  He co-starred with Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia.

Miyuki Matsuda

Miyuki co-starred with Yusaku in the drama “Tantei Monogatari” and got married in 1983.  She is an actor but also famous for a photographer recently.  I assume that she is taking the Rossi’s pics…  Her sis is an actress too.

Rryuhei Matsuda

Ryuhei Matsuda is two years older than Shota.  Ryuhei was also playing soccer and in a youth team of Serie A.  Wow!  I didn’t know that!


Yuki is 2 years younger than Shota.  She is in the band called “Young Juvenile Youth(YJY).”   It started in 2012 when she met a musician, JEMAPUR.


In 2015, YJY won “NEW ARTIST Spot Light” of iTunes, and their album “Animation” had won the first place on the electric ranking.


Shota Matsuda is very poplar on commercials.  The Santaro series has started in 2015.

Who is Shota’s girlfriend?

Shota was born in a show biz family and really cool.  So he has a lots of rumors for sure.

Kozue Akimoto

Kozue Akimoto is a fashion model.  Shota and Kozue had been seen together since 2014.

Chiyo no Fuji

Speaking of Kozue, a daughter of Chiyo no Fuji, legendary sumo wrestler.  He is so cool!

I think that’s all about Shota Matsuda, a Japanese actor.  His pet and family info.  I look forward to Shota’s continued success!