What’s Mirei Kiritani’s pet and its name? Her height, weight? Bony? She meets her boyfriend Shohei Miura at her apartment?

What’s Mirei Kiritani’s pet and its name?  Her height, weight? Bony? She meets her boyfriend Shohei Miura at her apartment?
I’m going to tell you about a Japanese actress Mirei Kiritani, her pet, and gossips.  She’s playing in the drama and in the news program as reporter.
Japanese / 日本語

Mirei’s pet

Mirei’s pet is Patora, a mixed breed of Chihuahua and Toy-poodle called Chihuapoo.  It looks a female dog.  Its color is camel or brown?  Well, please take a look at it.  Patra has been posted lots of her pics on Instagram and Mirei’s blog.  They made the cover of a fashion magazine together before.

Her name is Patora, breed is Chihuapoo, and owner is Mirei…  Ahhh!  They are all cuteee!

It has pink collar and the name is Patra, girl-ish name.  I think its okay to see it as a female.  Oh!  I had no idea about Chihuapoo.

What’s Chihuapoo?

I already talking about Chihuahua in the post of Issey Takahashi before so please take a look at it later.  I took a look at Chiwapoo.  Chihuapoo is mixed breed of Chihuahua and Toy-poodle so its character is also mixed Chihuahua’s and Toy-poodle’s character.  So it gets scared and spoiled.
Chihuapoo’s size is about 20 to 30cm(7.8 inches to 11.8 inches).  Most of case, it will be kept in the room.  I think Leo is something like this.    The average price of Chihuapoo is from 100,000JPY to 300,000JPY(950USD to 2,900USD)

Mirei Kiritani

Mirei Kiritani was born in Chiba on December 6th, 1989.
Mirei was scouted as “1st place of beautiful girl in Chiba” when she was a 10th grade in 2005.  She played in the movie”Haruno Ibasho.” and became an exclusive contract model of “SEVEN TEEN” in 2006, a very poplar fashion magazine for teenagers.  In 2010, she starred in the drama “Jotei Kaoruko” for the first time.  She has been in the news program “NEWS ZERO” as a reporter.
In the news program, she is in the program every Tuesday and often reports from the news site.  She is not only beautiful but her report is highly evaluated.

Mirei is skinny?  What’s the reason for her shape.

Mirei is so beautiful but some people are saying that she is too skinny.  Many her fans are worrying her physical condition.
What do you think?  Merai is surely slim.  very slim.  Her height is 163.5cm and her weight is only 39kg.  Yeah, she is slim.  Speaking of skinny, there’s anorexia who if so slim.  According to her agent, Mirei has meals as olways.  her metabolism  Well, I was relieved that she wasn’t in sick.
Mirei is very good in her dress.  I think she isn’t sick.  And her shape hasn’t changed when she was her high school.

Her boyfriends history is great!?

Mirei is very poplar actress.  So she has a lot of rumor such as Kazuya Kamenashi, Yabu Kouta, and, Ookura Tagayoshi. Those guys and Mirei seemed to have no relationship.

Taisuke Fujigaya

First, Taisuke Fujigaya.  They played same drama before.  There was nothing further info from them.  I think their fans worried about their relation…


Hideyuki Kasahara

Hideyuki Kasahara is a Japanese actor.  Hideyuki and Mirei had started their relationship after playing in the same drama.  There were some pics of their behind so they were probably dating.

Shohei Miura

I reported about Shohei Miura and Mirei in my previous post.  They were scooped in the end of last year.  Their romance  started by the trigger of playing in the same drama.  There was a pic Mirei went into Shohei’s apartment but they seemed to live in the same apartment.

Well, that’s all about Shohei Miura, a rising star.  I think that there was lots of fake gossips too… haha.   I look forward to Shohei’s continued success!