What’s Mitsuki Takahata’s pet and its name? Instagram? How tall? Is her boyfriend Kentaro Sakaguchi?

What’s Mitsuki Takahata’s pet and its name?  Instagram?  How tall? Is her boyfriend Kentaro Sakaguchi?

I’m going to tell you about a Japanese national actress Mitsuki Takahata, her pet, and her latest information, I mean gossips.  🙂  Mitsuki made a debut in a musical and broke out after playing leading role of popular TV drama series in Japan.

 Japanese / 日本語

Mitsuki’s Pet

Mitsuki’s pets are Mogu and JarJar-Maru.  Mogu’ breed is an English Springer Spaniel.


Mogu is an English Springer Spaniel and named because he was eating food like MoguMogu.  MoguMogu is Japanese onomatopoeia explains biting food many times without opening mouth widely.  It’s really Japane-ish way of naming from onomatopoeia.


There was no info about JarJar-maru’s breed, but I think he is a Scottish Fold.  He also looked a British Short Hair and I compared him with pics of British Short Hair and Scottish Fold.  Since his fur more look like Scottish Fold and its ranking of cat’s popularity is higher than British Short Hair, I decided to see him as Scottish Fold.

Both of them are living at Mitsuki’s parents house in Osaka.  They are so cute!  They are living in the house together, but I wonder if they are fighting each other.  I don’t think it’s gonna happen.  Haha.

What’s English Springer Spaniel and Scottish?  What?

What’s English Springer Spaniel and Scottish Fold?  Tell me!

So what’s English Springer Spaniel?  I’ve checked it out.  It seems that there’s a Spaniel breed and it has expanded.  English Springer Spaniel is an older breed among Spaniel breeds.  As the name suggests, It was developed in the UK in 19th century.

English Springer Spaniel runs faster among the hounds and its name springer originated from that.  English Springer Spaniel is working as hound and also popular in the dogs shows.  It’s loved all over the world.

How about Scottish Fold?

I took a look at cat’s popularity ranking while I was checking cat breed, and Scottish Fold is 2nd place after Munchkin in Japan.  However, I didn’t expected that it has only short history starting from a white cat founded by a British shepherd in 1961.


Scottish Fold is calm, smart, curios, playful, and smaller cries.  You can have it with other animals.  Hmm.  JarJar-maru seems to have a good relationship with Mogu.

Mitsuki Takahata

She was born in Osaka in December 14th, 1991.

Mituki started her career winging in the audition of “Momoe Yamaguchi tribute musical ‘Play Back part2 ~ Angel on the roof'” out of 9,621 applicants.

She had played the 8th Peter Pan in the musical series “Peter Pan” from 2007 to 2012.  In 2007, she starred in the movie, “Dolphin blue Fuji, Mou Ichido Sora he.”  This was the first movie for her.  In 2008, she was selected as main role of the drama “Natsu Koi.”  She has started to shine around this time.

Lying about Mitsuki’s height?

She is fun size and cute, but there’s rumor that she is lying about her height.  Her official height in her profile is 5foot, 2inch(157cm)

And there’s rumor that the her real height is 5foot, 1inch(155cm).  Umm… It’s okay.  There’s no big difference..  She is cute so.  lol

Mitsuki’s singing voice is very good toooooo!

It’s so a musical actress.  Mitsuki showed off her singing voice in her dramas and commercials.

Have you ever heard of her song?

Mitsuki is a national actresssss!

Mitsuki’s success has started from playing in the TV drama “Gochi sou san”  in 2013 and she starred in the commercial “Yowanai Umesshu” for the first time.

In 2014, she played in the movie “Aoha ride.”  Mitsuki broke into stardom in 2016.  She starred in the drama “Itsuka kono koi wo omoidashite kitto naiteshimau” with Kasumi Arimural, Issai Takahashi, and Kentaro Sakaguchi.  In April 2016, she was selected for main role of NHK’s TV drama “Toto Nee-chan” out of 2564 applicants.

It was the first time for her to play main role of drama series.  In June 2016, She co-starred with Takanori Iwata in the “Shokubutsu Zukan Unmei no Koi hiroi mashita” as a leading actress.  In 2017, I co-starred with Ryoma Takeuchi, another rising star, in the TV drama “Kahogo no Kahoko.” as a leading actress.

Mitsuki, Can you tell me your friend?

There are lots of pics enjoying herself and she looks get very close with Kasumi Arimura, very poplar actress among young people in Japan, in the show biz.  They starred in the drama “Itsuka kono koi wo omoidasite kitto naiteshimau” and there’re many pics from it on her Instagram.

Wow!  They are soooo cute!  They seems to hung around around in Tokyo, but I hope to see them somewhere in Tokyo.

Her pet and Instagram are fine… How about her gossip?

Well, let’s talk about Mitsuki’s romance.  She’s been in a long time in the show biz so there’re lots of her romance rumor.

Takahisa Masuda

As everyone knows, she had rumor that she was dating with Takahisa Masuda of NEWS, Japanese poplar boyband.  They met in the TV show “Mirai Rocket” in 2014.  They’ve been in the show for a year and looked that they seemed to have good relationship during a drive and shopping together in the show.  However, there weren’t any other scoop so I think it was a fake.

Yudai Chiba

Youdai Chiba is a popular young actor in Japan.  Mitsuki and Yudai were taken a pic at Japanese BBQ restaurant.  They didn’t disguise themselves and looked enjoyed their dinner.  There’s no information more than that.  Well….  It’s not.  I don’t think so.  They are just friends.

Just in case, this is a pic at that time.  Still, Yudai is really pretty.  Haha.  No doubt about his popularity.

You Takahashi

Next rumor is about You Takahashi.  He is a poplar singer-songwriter in Japan.  

I’m wondering that they were able to share something each other as artistes.  Mitsuki has been his fan for a long time so I think this could be real.

This is a pic looked like they were dating.

Katsunori Iwata

Okay, next is Katsunori Iwata of Sandaime J Soul Brothers.  Mitsuki co-starred with Katsunori in the movie “Shokubutsu Zukan”, and they were talked about a lot for awhile.

They showed their LINE messages, a message app in the TV show so their fan got jealous or not.  Hmm…  This is also like fake.

Kentaro Sakaguchi

Mitsuki and Sakaguchi starred in the drama “Itsuka kono koi wo omoidashite kitto naite shimau” and “toto nee-chan” in 2016.  This is a reason that they became a rumor.

According to tabloids(it can’t trust tho), they hit it off with co-starring and often go out on a date in Tokyo.  Hmm… if so, I want to say that please show me a pic of them.

By the way, Kentaro is a really cool guy!  I wanted to be born good looking like him…

Well, that’s all about Mitsuki Takahata, a national actress.  I look forward to Mitsuki’s continued success!