What’s Mizuki Yamamoto’s pet and its name? What is she into? Who is her friend? Gossip?

What’s Mizuki Yamamoto’s pet and its name? What is she into? Who is her friend? Gossip?


I’m going to tell you about Mizuki Yamamoto’s pet and her latest information.  Mizuki Yamamoto is a very popular movie star and an ex-exclusive model of CanCam, the most popular Japanese fashion magazine.

Japanese / 日本語



Mizuki’s Pet


Her pet is Kotsume, a Pomeranian.  Kotsume is sooooo cute!



Actually, I didn’t have the image of Pomeranian in black, but she is cute!  She can give as cute as her owner is.



Mizuki has been having Kotsume since 2013.


What’s Pomeranian?


I’m not sure if I get Pomerania right so I researched about it.  Pomeranian is a working dog and has created in Germany in 18th centuries.  Working dog is a dog serving for us.

In Japan, Pomeranian garnered a an explosive popularity in 1970’s and still keep its popularity.  It’s very strong-willed, and it means barking a lot.  haha.

Just my own image of a Pomeranian is like this.



The original breed had white more and it has black, brown, chocolate, red(bright brown), orange(brighter brown than red), cream(beige), orange sable(light and shade brown),  wolf sable(gray and some black), beaver(dark beige), blue(gray), party color(mix color), black tan(deep brown), etc.  It has lots colors!  It was good lesson for me.

Mizuki Yamamoto


She was born in Fukuoka prefecture in July 18th, 1991.



She went to a famous private high school in Fukuoka.  She moved to Tokyo after graduate the high school and went to Meiji University.  If there’s such a beautiful girl on a campus, university students have a blast.



Mizuki Yamamoto started her career winning in the Tokyo Super Model Contest in 2009.  And then, she became an exclusive model of CanCam and was very active as a top model.

She made a debut in TV commercial by Virus Buster’s commercial in 2010.  In 2011, she starred in the TV drama “Shiawase ni narou.”



In 2012, she starred in the smash hit movie “Kirishima, Bukatsu yamerutteyo.”



She will appear in an Amazon original movie “Tokyo Alice” as Fu Arisugawa, a leading actress from Aug 25th, 2018 and a movie “Kyonen no fuyu, Kimi to wakare” as Yuriko Matsuda, a leading actress in the spring 2018.

Wow!  It’s an ideal success story!  She must have something super special…


Hey! Mizuki seems bit strange!


Mizuki had majored in agriculture at the Meiji university.  Her pet is Kotsume, a cute Pomeranian, but she is also growing a little strange plants.

What is the plants?

They are Insectivorous Plants called a pitcher plant and a flytrap.  What are they look like?



The  pitcher plant look like a gourd but it named insectivorous so it has big mouse on the top of itself and eats insects.



A flytrap looks like this.  I think it was on my notebook used at my school.



This plant also gets insects by the parts opening widely and eats them.


Who is her friend?


Mizuki disclosed her friend, Haru, on a TV show.  Haru is the same age as Mizuki.  She was a fashion model same as Mizuki and co-starrted with Mizuki in a commercial of GU.



These days, I really like Haru too.  I loved “Asaga kita”, NHK’s drama, which Haru starred in.  She also likes animals so I’d love to research about her next time…  Oh!  It’s going to be different topic!  Now, let’s get back on track.  How about Mizuki’s romance?


 Her pet and friends are fine… How about her gossip?


Cute!  Way too cute!  Wait, I mean Mizuki not Kotsume. haha.

It’s no use researching her gossip but I did it.

She had romance rumors with these guys.


Ryunosuke Kamiki


Ryunosuke co-starred with Mizuki in the movie “Kirishima, Bukatsu yamerutteyo.”  There were some eyewitness report that They had dates.



Ryunosuke had starrted his career from a child actor and famous for starring in a smash hit anime “Your name.”  I think that they look good together.


Kengo Takara


This is a rumor from ordinary people and there’s no news of gossip magazines.  No one knows if it’s true or not.



I don’t see him this way before, but he is cool…


Takumi Saitoh


Takumi co-starred with Mizuki in the TV drama “Shiawase ni narou.”  They were caught by gossip magazines in 2013.



As everyone knows, Takumi is a stud and also he is a hilarious guy.  He’s popular with the ladies for sure.

There’s no news about her current status and we don’t know if the rumors are true or not.  I believe that no one will leave such a gorgeous woman.  I look forward to Mizuki’s continued success!