What’s Nagisa Sakaguchi’s pet? from Asahikawa Hokkaido. No worries about her boyfriend?

What’s Nagisa Sakaguchi’s pet? from Asahikawa Hokkaido. No worries about her boyfriend?


I’m going to tell you about Nagisa Sakaguchi this time.  She won AKB, Japanese pop star group, audition in Hokkaido and has become very popular.


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Nagisa’s pet

It sounds young pop star-ish that Nagisa likes pet.  So I found her pet, but it wasn’t a dog and a cat, etc….  It was a Reeve’s Turtle named “Shira.”  Wow!
She started to have Shira when she was 6 years old, so Shira becomes at least 12 years old turtle this year.  🙂

Reeve’s Turtle

Reeve’s Turtle is called as “Zeni-game / means money turtle” or “Kusa-game / means grass turtle” in Japanese.  I think Nagisa started to have Shira in this size.
Reeve’s Turtle’s average life span is 20 years, so Shira can live 10 years more.

Nagisa Sakaguchi

Nagisa Sakaguchi was born in Hokkaido on December 23rd, 2000.
Nagisa was chosen from 544 people in the AKB audition in Hokkaido in 2014.  She became a member of Team 8.  After that, she was assigned additional post of Team B.
These days, Japanese young pop-star has a slogan and Nagisa’s is…
“Guys!  What is S pole of a magnet? ‘Sakaguchiiiii!’  What is N pole of a magnet?  ‘Nagisaaaaaa!’  Put together two?  ‘Sakaguchi Nagisaaaaa!’  Thanks!  My name is Sakaguchi Nagisa from Hokkaido!  Call me Nagi!”
As you may know, Japanese name order is from last to first and this was a slogan when she was 14 years old.  She is 17 years old now.  🙂
I thought she want to be an actress but a fashion model in the future.

AKB General Election


Speaking of AKB, AKB General Election is very famous.  She was out of rank in 2014 and 2015.  She was ranked 70th place in 2016 and went up to 69th in 2017.

From Asahikawa

Nagisa is representative of Hokkaido AKB and in the Team 8.  She is from Asahikawa, Hokkaido but there was a question her fun which high school he is going.
Some people were saying it’s Asahikawa Jitsugyo but it’s just a rumor.

Very poplar in Hokkaido

Nagisa is very active in Hokkaido for sure.  She’s become many characters of local ads and events.



Maybe this is from a Snow Festival.

Who is her candidate of boyfriend?

Although there were lots of rumors about Nagisa’s boyfriend, there was no clear info about it.  No worries.  🙂
There was a hot topic of her boyfriend in her movie on the Internet.
Nagisa’s answered the question about her type of boyfriend’s age.  She said, “Ahhh… Maybe early twenties? I don’t know.”
Well… Yeah, she is only 18years old.  I think her type will be change as she is glowing up.
She maybe change her type in the future and might like more older people.

I think that’s all about Nagisa Sakaguchi, a Japanese pop star from AKB48.  Her pet was interesting.  I look forward to Nagisa’s continued success!


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