What’s Naomi Watanabe’s pet and its name? What’s her current and previous weight? her mom and boyfriend?

What’s Naomi Watanabe’s pet and its name? What’s her current and previous weight? her mom and boyfriend?
I’m going to tell you about very poplar comedienne Naomi Watanabe, her pet, and gossips.  She had a breakout with imitating Beyoncé.  She is really active in the show biz now.  I will tell you about her family and boyfriend. 

Naomi’s pet

Naomi looks an animal lover.  I searched and found lots of her pictures with animals.  I found her pet’s info.  She looked to have a dog but…


Naomi’s dog is named Chutoro. Chutoro is mix breed of Chihuahua and Yorkshire. I think that he was named after a part of Tuna, I wonder she likes it.  His color looks black.  Unfortunately, there was only this picture of his back view.
There was no info and pic of him after this picture…  She tweeted that Chutoro was fine! on twitter in 2012.  He’s been missing after the pic…  Well, he should be fine.  Haha.

Naomi Watanabe

Naomi Watanabe was born in Ibaraki on October 23rd, 1987.
She has a family of four, Japanese dad, Taiwanese mom and a big sister.  In 2008, she appeared in a comedy show and became poplar with imitating Beyoncé.  After that, she is mainly active in comedy shows but these days her Instagram and twitter are very poplar as well.
Naomi is very good at imitating overseas singers such as Beyoncé.  She has been hot topics overseas countries.  VOGUE picked up her in the beginning of 2018.

Old pics

This is Naomi’s pic from old days.  An article says, she was 157cm(5’2″) tall and 55kg(121.2 lbs) weight.  Beautiful!  This is a pic from her application form for a job.

When she made a debut

And then, This is a pic when she started to appear on TV.  She is slender than now…  She was about 70kg(154.3lbs) at that time.

How about now?

Hmm…  She looks not so different from 10 years ago…  Haha.  An article said her weight is 210lbs now.
Her pics on Instagram are really cool!

Her mom?

Naomi’s Taiwanese mom has been also a hot topic, so I took a look.  Ahhh…  A woman next Naomi looks her aunt…  There was no pic of her mom.  Excuse me.

Her big sis?

Taiwan is Naomi’s mom’s home country, so Naomi visited there many times.  There ware lots of pics.  Her big sis lives in Taiwan now and her pic is here.
Ohhhh!  Naomi’s sis is so cute!


In January 2018, a fashion magazine VOGUE picked up her.  The article looked like, “Naomi Watanabe broke stereotype of Japanese woman!”  Haha.  Maybe, a stereotype of Japanese woman is quiet and serious?
In the interview, Naomi said that a stereotype of Asian women is quiet and Japanese women should express themselves.  Although she seemed very nervous at the shooting, a photographer make her relax, and she enjoyed the shooting.
Ah!  This might not be a quiet girl.  Hehe.

How about romance or her boyfriend?

Naomi has never been in a relationship yet.  I wonder if it’s true.  She had a rumor in the past anyway.

Takashi Yoshimura

Naomi had been seen as a girlfriend of Takashi Yoshimura for a long time.  In 2011, they were scooped by tabloid, and the article said they stayed all night at same room.

I think they are really good friend and their relationship has become a joke.

I think they should be dating.

Drive together

This is a pic that they are dating by car.  No, it’s not.  They have just uploaded  a kind of dating pic on Instagram.  By the way, the car was a BMW i8.

The BMW’s price is about 200, 000USD!  Takashi said that he had borrowed money for it, but I think he can buy it for cash.  🙂

It was a 2013 model so pretty new.  He just got a driving license at that time so he didn’t have a confidence to drive.  He asked a car dealer staff to drive his car to his apartment.  haha.

Its interior design is cool!  Since it’s left hand drive, I think it’s little hard for a beginner…
It’s a Plug-in hybrid car.

Naomi’s car is a Lexus

Naomi’s car is a Lexus LX570.  This is a huge car isn’t it?  Naomi was also a bigger driver and bought this car.  There were lots of pics when she was driving.  🙂

I think that’s all about Naomi Watanabe, a Japanese comedienne.  Her pet info was not so much but the other things were fun.  I hope Naomi and Takashi will be dating in the future.  lol  I look forward to Naomi’s continued success!