What’s Riho Yoshioka’s pet and its name? her college and calligraphy? Is her boyfriend Takeru Satoh?

What’s Riho Yoshioka’s pet and its name?  her college and calligraphy? Is her boyfriend Takeru Satoh?
I’m going to tell you about a Japanese rising star Riho Yoshioka, her pet, and gossips.
Japanese / 日本語

Riho’s pet

According to TV show and Internet media, Riho has 5 cats!  5 pets are the biggest number in this blog so far.  I will tell you one by one.

Kuri Suke

It’s a male and mixex breed.

Cheese Kun

It has a suffix for boy in its name so I think he is a male and mixed breed.


Its name sounds boyish and he is a mixed breed


There was a site saying Sohya was mix breedn and a male.  He and Kuririn are twins.


It’s a female and mixed breed.  She is Cheese Kun, Kuririn, and Tora’s mom. Hmm… Which means…  No, their dad was not Kuri Suke.  haha.
 Hina… What are you look at??  haha.

Riho Yoshioka

Riho was born in Kyoto on January 15th, 1993.
She has started her carrer as a pinup girl in 2014.  She had failed lots of auditions and overcome many difficulties.  In 2015, she appeared in the drama”Bijyo to Danshi.”  That made she get a role in the drama”Asaga kita” and got attention.  In 2016, she appeared in the drama “Yutori desuga nanika” and it was the first drama that she played whole season. 
Since then she appeared in dramas for 4 consecutive quarters. She starred in the commercial of a bridal magazine “Zexy” and then she got 6 contracts for starring in other companies commercial.  In 2018, she starred in the drama “Kimi ga kokoroni sumitsuita.”  It was the first time for her to play a main charactor of TV drama.

Riho is smart!

As I told you, Riho is from Kyoto and there are lots of info about her academic background.

Kyoto Municipal Uzumasa elementary school

It seems that Richo’s fans assumed that it was her elementary school from her old episode.
Since her parents’ house address is pretty close to it, so maybe it’s true.

Kyoto Municipal Uzumasa middle school

If Riho went to Kyoto Municipal Uzumasa elementary school, she should have gone to Kyoto Municipal Uzumasa middle school.
So her fans has believed it was her school.

Kyoto Prifectual Sagano high school

Riho’s high school is well known.  It’s Kyoto Prifectual Sagano high school and it is well known as an ellite high school.
Her name is on the high school’s wikipedia page as a graduate.

Kyoto Tachibana University

Riho went to Japanese Language and Literature Depertment of Kyoto Tachibana University.

To be a calligrapher, she chose Kyoto Tachibana Univ.

Riho has 8 Dan of calligraphy. She is a master of calligraphy!

Riho started calligraphy when she was a second grade.  There are two kinds of grade or level called Dan and Kyu for calligraphy.
People start from 10 Kyu and progress from 10 to 1 Kyu.  Once people get 1 Kyu and move to 1 Dan.  It depends on each school, but Dan progress from 1 to 5 or 8.  So, Riho can be a calligraphy teacher.

Alright fine… How about her gossip?

As you know, Riho is really cute girl so she has lots of rumors.  I have searched them.

Keita Machida

Keita Machida is an actor and member of Gekidan EXILE.  Keita and Riho appeared in same drama in 2015 and it caused tongues to wag.  Keita Machida… Hmm…  I didn’t know him but..

Ahhhh!  I know him!  He played in the drama “Hito ha mitamega 100%” with Mirei Kiritani and Blouson Chiemi.

This pic reminded me about him.

Tohri Matsuzaka

In 2016, Riho was gossiped about dating with Tohri Matsuzaka.  They played in the drama “Yutoridesuga nanika.”  I think that this was also fake.

If she plays something with someone, she is dating the guy??  Haha.


Tetsuto Yamada

Next guy is Tetsuto Yamada.  He achieved over 300 runs, hitting over 30 home runs and stealing over 30 bases in a season in 2015 and 2016.

According to an article, Riho and Tetsuto are same age and seemed to live together most of time.  However, that all about it.  I’m not sure if it’s true.

Tomoya Nagase

Tomoya Nagase, well known actor, and Riho co-statted in the drama “Gomen, Aishiteru” last year.  They looked very close friend.  When they were in TV show and Riho made high touch with other co-stars, she only did high touch Tomoya little long time…

huh?  That’s it?  Awww…  It’s fake!  🙂

Takeru Satoh

Takeru Satoh is a very poplar actor in Japan.  Riho and Takeru were scooped last year.  She went out for shopping without make-up after that she went into Takeru’s apartment.  Yuu Shirota, their mutual friend let them meet each other.  She was taken some picture at that time.  I wonder if they were dating.

Well, that’s all about Riho Yoshioka, a rising star.  I think that she has the most fake gossip ever among celebrities I have picked up… haha.   I look forward to Riho’s continued success!