What’s Ryoma Takeuchi’s pet and its name? Ryota’s family is insane? Gossip?

What’s Ryoma Takeuchi’s pet and its name?  Ryota’s family is insane?  Gossip?

I’m going to tell you about a Ryoma Takeuchi’s pet and his latest information.  Ryoma was in the top youth team of Tokyo Verdy, a professional football team, and a very popular TV and movie star in Japan.

Japanese / 日本語

Ryoma’s Pet

His pet is Furea, a Miniature Schnauzer.  Furea is a female dog and her nickname is Rea.

They have been getting along real together.  There are lots of pics on Ryoma’s twitter.

It looks girls one after another who get great peace of mind seeing Ryoma and Furea’s dancing movie and pics of them.


What’s Miniature Schnauzer?

So what’s Miniature Schnauzer?  I’ve checked it out.  It was developed in Germany in mid-to-late 19th century.  In America, it’s very poplar among celebrities and famous for a pet dog of Bruce Lee.  Probably, I can say that Miniature Schnauzer was born in Germany and raised in America.

In Japan, it seems that people related the US army brought Miniature Schnauzers to Japan after World War 2.  At the beginning, since trimming technique was immature in Japan, Miniature Schnauzer wasn’t very poplar until 1960’s.  Miniature Schnauzer has become a fad after 2000’s and it’s a very popular breed now.

Miniature Schnauzer looks like an old guy someone I know.  lol

As you can see, Miniature Schnauzer is fine coat of fur so it looks hard to take care such as trimming.  On the other hand, it doesn’t need lots of exercises and is good for a house dog.  By the way, how much is it?  These days, the average of a Miniature Schnauzer’s puppy is about 2,000 USD(210,000JPY) in Japan.  It sounds pricy but… maybe it’s just about the right price, maybe…


Ryouma Takeuchi

He was born in Tokyo in April 26th, 1993.

Ryoma Takeuchi started his career winning in the mina Kare Grand Prix in 2013.  After that, he made a debut in a short TV drama “Kuruma Ke no Hitobito” in Oct 2013.

In Oct 2014, he starred in the Kamen Rider Drive as a leading actor.

Let’s take a look at his career

Speaking of Ryoma, he is famous for the leading actor of Kamen Rider.  The Kamen Rider series is a smash hit live action hero TV series and has starrted to air in 1971.  Ryoma starred in “Kamen Rider Drive.”  You can see it as below.  Have you ever seen Kamen Rider series?

His drama recent released is “Kahogo no Kahoko.”  He played a key role, Hajime Mugino, an art student.  He co-starred with one of the Japan’s nationally recognized actress, Mitsuki Takahata.

The best thing of all about his drama, the TV drama called Rikuoh has pushed him up as a national actor in 2017.  He played a key role, Hiroto Mogi, a member of Daiwa foods’ track and field club, well.

Since Rikuoh was very popular and had high rating, lots of people might see it.  Rikuoh’s average rating was 16.0%, and its rating for the last episode was 20.5%!  Well, I was really moved to tears watching the episode.

As for his next drama, Ryoma will play a role Masashi Sera, a medical trainee in April 2018.  The shooting of the drama looks going pretty well.


It’s about time to change the topic

Ryoma’s family is also going viral now.  He has parents, a sis 4 years younger than him, and a bro 7 years younger than him.  Many internet users are saying the they are sooooo cute! and there’re lots of pics and info of them on the internet.  Well, please take a look at theme.

Wow!  Yeah, surely they are all cute…  What the heck is it unfair??  lol

Especially, Honoka has been steeling the show.  Many people is trying to find her college and boyfriend.  There’er many info about her boyfriend, but all of them looked fake news.

There was a rumor that she is going to a beauty school in Yokohama.  Hmm… I’m not sure about it.  This isn’t a Ryoma’s girlfriend pic but a pic of Honoka, Ryoma’s little sis.

 His pet and family are fine… How about his gossip?

Okay, let’s move to the topic everyone loves.  Gossip!  When it comes to his gossip, it’s just reported a few month ago, so it’s really hot topic now.  Then, here is the girl, Ririka who were reported as Ryoma’s girlfriend.  Ririka is a fashon model 2 years younger than Ryoma.

Japanese tabloid reported Ryoma and Ririka were dating at Oden, popular Japanese food, restaurant and at Ryoma’s apartment.

However, both their agency denied it immediately and said that they are just good friend.  Internet users have got hot about Ririka’s suggestive pic such as same training wears and found Ryoma’s private Instagram account.

OMG…  I can’t say they are different outfits…

Umm…  Yeah, even friends often wear same outfits…  Really??  Nono!  It happens! haha.

There’s no news about her current status and we don’t know if the rumors are true or not.    I look forward to Ryoma’s continued success!