What’s Shohei Miura’s pet and its name? His character? Huge muscle? Who is his girlfriend Mirei Kiritani?

What’s Shohei Miura’s pet and its name?  His character? Huge muscle? Who is his girlfriend Mirei Kiritani?
I’m going to tell you about a Japanese actor Shohei Miura, his pet, and gossips.  He will play in the drama “Seigi no se” in April 2018.
Japanese / 日本語


Shohei’s pet

According to Internet medias, Shohei’s pet is a Chihuahua called Leo and its color is camel.  However, there’s no info about Leo other than that.  This is only a pic that Shohei and Chihuahua.  I’m not sure that it’s Leo.
Imaginary picture of Leo

What’s Chihuahua?

I already talking about Chihuahua in the post of Issey Takahashi before so please take a look at it later.  A question is Leo’s color, camel.
I think Leo is something like this.

Shohei Miura

Shohei was born in Tokyo on June 3rd, 1988.
He has started his career as an actor in 2006.  In 2007, his acquaintance apply for the audition “20th Junon Super Boy Contest” without telling him, and he got a Photogenic and an Ideal Boyfriend prize.   He got attention by playing in the drama “Gokusen” as a student in 2008.  He won Japanese Academy Award for best new actor in 2011.

He got ripped!

Nowadays, I has posted his beauty muscle on his Instagram and it has gone viral.  Look at this!  It’s something like overseas celebrity’s selfie!  Haha.

He has perfectly toned arms.  He looks quite different from several years ago.  I think that he was a slim boy like a fashion model but now he is buff.  I’m not sure that you can get ripped within a few years.  Hmm…  I wonder about that.

He posted his other work out called shoot boxing.  It’s a new martial arts and you can kick and use grappling as well.  Maybe, he has a match. Ahhh…  his face is the essential for his business so it may be difficult.
And then, speaking of a cool guy’s sports.  It’s surfing.  Look at him!  He is surfing!  Gosh darn!  It very suit him.  I have ever done surfing before but I couldn’t stand on it.  I can skateboard but I couldn’t surf.  How long has he been going surfing??

Does he have bad personality?

There are some rumor of his bad attitude at drama’s shooting.  he sometimes gives yawns at shooting, goes to smoke,  doesn’t give a greeting.
I’m not sure that his real attitude at work, but there was Info that he is seriously working hard now.  At least he is a likable person.

His girlfriends history is great!?

I’ve seen Shohei’s girlfriends history talked about a lot in internet media.  Everyone is well known star for sure… but almost all rumors were fake news.  I will tell you their name who reported as a Shohei’s girlfriend.  It’s Arisa Satoh, Haruna Kojima, Atsuko Maeda, Miori Takimoto, Yukie Nakama, Kana Kurashina and Kii Kitano.  It’s really hard to be a celebrity, isn’t it?

Tsubasa Honda

Shohei and Tsubasa Honda was reported as a couple around 2014, but there was no picture or any other info for a long time.  Everybody thought it was also fake news.  However, they were scooped when they were dating at Shohei’s apartment.  Tsubasa was scooped with Masaki Suda in early 2017 so she seemed to break up with Shohei.  Tsubasa and Masaki Suda played in the same drama and they are perfect match.  If they have pets, I want to research on them.  haha.


Mirei Kiritani

Lastly, Mirei Kiritani.  Shohei and Mirei were scooped in the end of 2017.  A tabloid took a pic of Mirei going into Shohei’s apartment.  They met each other in the drama in 2016.


Well, that’s all about Shohei Miura, a rising star.  I think that there was lots of fake gossips too… haha.   I look forward to Shohei’s continued success!