What’s Japanese pop star, Suzuka Tomita’s pet? Johnny’s lover? Who is her boyfriend?

What’s Japanese pop star, Suzuka Tomita’s pet? Johnny’s lover? Who is her boyfriend?

I’m going to tell you about Japanese pop star, Suzuka Tomita this time.  Suzuka is a second generation of Hiragana Keyaki, Japanese girls group.  What is her pet? Does she have a boyfriend?  🙂

Japanese / 日本語

Suzuka’s pet


Suzuka isn’t a cat person but dog!  She showed off her toy poodle on her blog.


There’s only this pic and no other information…  I wonder what his name is.  🙂


Suzuka Tomita

Suzuka Tomita was born in Kanagawa on January 18th, 2001.

She won the audition of second generation for Hiragana Keyaki 46 on August 15th, 2017 and became a member out of 9 people of Hiragana Keyaki second generation.


She suddenly sang a rap in the TV show “Keyaki tte kakenai” and got attention. Since then, She has been called as “Paripi”, abbreviation of “Party People” in Japanese.

Suzuka was very active and good at exercise.  She was kinda leader among girls in her school.  She was very poplar with boys in her school for sure.


There was info that she doesn’t look like a strong-willed.  Probably, she must be an independent girl.

Johnny’s lover


Suzuka Tomita is a big fan of Johnny’s, the most famous agent of boys groups in Japan.  Who is her favorite?


Is Suzuka fan of Yuto Takahashi?


There are lots of articles that Yuto Takahashi is Suzuka’s favorite on the internet.  What is the source of this news?



Yuto Takahashi is a member of HiHi Jets and Suzuka had been to see the TV show of Mr. KING.

Ummm….  Yuto isn’t member of Mr. KING!  lol

It’s Sho Hirano


The answer of “who is Suzuka’s favorite?” is that I believe Sho Hirano.  Her friends of middle school knew Suzuka was a fan of Sho Hirano.

Sho Hirano was in the TV show “Mr.KING” so she is a fan of Sho Hirano.


By the way, Sho Hirano is a member of King & Prince.  He will appearance in the drama “Hananochi hare” in April 2018.  He’ll be very poplar this year.




I think she must be a fan of Sho Hirano but she used to be saying KAT-TUN was cute.  I’m not sure if she is still a fan of KAT-TUN.  We have to keep eyes on her.


So, does he have a boyfriend?


I researched many places but I’m not sure if she has a boyfriend.  I only found information that she didn’t have a boyfriend at least when she was in the middle school.

Which school did she go?


I know she is from Kanagawa prefecture.


I think she went to local middle school, but which high school?  Probably she seems to go to high school in Kanagawa.



Some article said the high school was in Atsugi or Kawasaki but I’m still not sure.  Well, pop star must has secrets…

Yearbook pic


Suzuka’s pic of yearbook went viral.  There’s lots of different angle pics so multiple people uploaded it.



Suzuka is in the third year of high school so it’s just two years ago.  So she doesn’t change so much.

I think that’s all about Suzuka Tomita, a Japanese pop star, her pet and her boyfriend info.  I couldn’t find much information about her boyfriend tho.  Excuse me…  Anyway, I look forward to Suzuka’s continued success!

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