What’s Tetsuya Sugatani’s pet and its name? Bad reputation? Who is his girlfriend? 

What’s Tetsuya Sugatani’s pet and its name? Bad reputation? Who is his girlfriend? 

I’m going to tell you about Tetsuya Sugaya this time.  He was in the reality show “Terrace House” and has become very popular.

Japanese / 日本語



Tetsuya’s pet


There was info that he has a dog and a cat at his parents’ house.  His dog is Muu and his cat is Ton.  Although I found their name and pics, they are not enough…  I just put pics for illustration purposes.


Muu looked like a Yorkshire Terrier.


This is a pic for illustration purposes.


Ton looked like a mix breed.  And it was like just like this.


This is a pic for illustration purposes.

Tetsuya Sugaya


Tetsuya Sugaya was born in Chiba on July 28th, 1993.

In 2011, when he was a high schooler, he was recruited by a magazine editor.  In 2012, he became a member of the reality show “Terrace House” and got attention.  He wanted to be a fire fighter first, but he’s been in dramas and movies now.




These days, he co-starred with Tohri Matsuzaka in the movie “Funou han” and will appear in the movie “Futatuno Kinouto Bokuno Miraini” in fall 2018.

Terrace House


Speaking of Tetsuya, he was poplar member with his innocent and easily dumped character.


陸王 Rikuoh


Tetsuya was in the drama “Rikuoh” as a member of track and field club.  He was a Teammate of Ryoma Takeuchi

Bad reputation


If you search by Tetsuya Sugaya, there’re lots of result of the keyword as “Bad reputation.”  He doesn’t look so bad guy, so I researched little bit about it.


It looks there’s a huge gap from a goood and pity guy in the Terrace House and old episode of his playboy.



He also spoke that he went to a bar before.  I think this is not so big problem and he is still good character.  🙂


Ryo Narita


What’s a relationship with Tetsuya and Ryo?  I have no idea at all.  This is a Ryo Narita, a fashion model and actor.  He is as same age as Tetsuya.



First, Ryo’s pics.



Next Tetsuya’s pics.



Yeah, so what?  Ummm… Let’s take a good look at it

This is Ryo.  Since he is a fashion model, so he often changes his hair style.





And this is Tetsuya.  Ah, these two pictures are similar.



And Ryo again.



And Tetsuya again.  Ahhhh!  They look alike very much!



Yes, they look alike very much.


How about girlfriend?


Tetsuya is originally from a reality show, so we’d seen his romance through TV.

Rie Kitahara


Rie is a member of Japanese idol group called AKB48.  Tetsuya and she had a date in the show, but they would’t be dating.


Hana Imai


Hana and Tetsuya was really good friend but they ended in friends.


Miwako Kakei


Miyako had fallen in love with Tetsuya but they weren’t dating.


Mai Nagatani


Tetsuya loved Mai too and they had a date.  However, Mai figured out Tetsuya wasn’t her type.




I think that’s all about Tetsuya Sugaya, a Japanese actor.  His pet info was not so much but about Terrace House was interesting.  I look forward to Tetsuya’s continued success!