What’s Tohri Matsuzaka’s pet and its name? What is a dark past of Sinkenger? His Univ.? His girlfriend is Haruka Ayase?

What’s Tohri Matsuzaka’s pet and its name?  What is a dark past of Sinkenger?  His Univ.?  His girlfriend is Haruka Ayase?
I’m going to tell you about a Japanese actor Tohri Matsuzaka, his pet, and gossips.  He will star in the movie “Shonen” in April 2018.
Japanese / 日本語

Tohri’s pet

 There’s info about Tohri’s pet that is a Miniature Schnauzer called Toto.  There’s no picture of Toto.  I checked lots of web site but there’s only info about Toto in 2011.

What’s Miniature Schnauzer?

I reported about Miniature Schnauzer on Ryoma Takeuchi post so I would like to add little more information about it.

Miniature Schnauzer is about 20 to 35cm(7.8 inches to 13.8 inches) and there’s no such a big differences between male and female dog.  Weight is about 5 to 7kg and its life span is about 13 years.  It looks longer than other breed.  As you can see, It has long fair and needs to have triming.  It needs to have it once a two months.   It costs about 50USD per cut.  I never had a dog which needed trimming but it looks pricy…

Tohri Matsuzaka

Mirei Kiritani was born in Chiba on October 17th, 1988.
Tohri won a Grandprix of “Challenge FB Model Audition in 2008.”  He became an exclusive model contract of the fashion magazine “FINEBOYS.”  In 2009, he starred in the TV series “Samurai Sentai Shinkenger” for the first time and also its movie.
Tohri is a very unusual name but his parents named him picked up from Chinese historical fact.

Mirei is skinny?  What’s the reason for her shape.

I found many keyword of dark past about Shinkenger on the internet.  Shinkenger is a very poplar TV series called “Sentai series.”   A very strong hero defeats bad guys and this series and Kamen rider series are the place for debut of young male star.  These days, Ryoma Takeuchi has become by Kamen Rider series.
Moms watch Shinkenger with their kids.  And then, moms see cute Tohri every week.  Shinkenger was the first series that the Samurai became a theme of series so there was a pic of Tohri wearing Kimono.
This is a pic for kids.  haha
The center guy is Tohri, Shinken Red. For him, Shinkenger is NOT dark past and he is proud of it.

Which Univ. did he go?

Not sure why but many people were talking about Tohri’s university.  I think one of the reason for it is that his dad is a teacher of the Tokyo Fukushi University or Tohri has dropped out from his university.  He seemed to drop out because he played Shinkenger during at university.  I think he wanted to focus on his career.

Her boyfriends history is great!?

Well, I took a look at gossip about Tohri in 2018….  I was not sure…  He said he doesn’t have a girlfriend and had lots of rumor.  I’ll show you some.

Ayame Goriki

Ayame and Tohri played in the same drama in 2011 and also in the same movie”Gatya-man” in 2013.  Since then, they became a rumor.  It seems just a rumor.


Haruka Ayase

Haruka and Tohri met each other in the drama in 2014.  In 2015, they started to report on several tabloids.  They were seen as getting married soon but they seemed to break up in 2016.  The reason their breaking up is that Tohri wanted to focus on his career.  I don’t know if it’s true.  Even more, we don’t know they were really dating…


Riho Yoshioka

Some tabloids reports this rumor.  As I reported in the Richo postRiho and Tohri played in the same drama “Yutoridesuga nanika” in 2016.  I think it’s truly fake.  haha.

Well, that’s all about Tohri Matsuzaka, a Japanese star.  I think that Miniature Schnauzer is very poplar.  It was not good because there was no picture of his pet…  Anyway,  I look forward to Tohri’s continued success!