What’s Yoshimi Tokui’s pet and its name? Where’s his cats and Ozawa? Sis got married? Who is his girlfriend? His ex is an actress?

What’s Yoshimi Tokui’s pet and its name? Where’s his cats and Ozawa? Sis got married? Who is his girlfriend? His ex is an actress?
I’m going to tell you about a very poplar comedian Yoshimi Tokui, his pet, and gossips.  He is very famous for a cat guy.  I also share info about his “share” house with Kazuhiro Ozawa.  🙂
Japanese / 日本語

Yoshimi’s pet

Yoshimi is very famous for a cat guy and his cats are Eldred, Abyssinian, and Mickolio, American Shorthair.  They were named after baseball players of Hiroshima Carp, Yoshimi’s favorite team.


Eldred is a female Abyssinian.  Wow!  She looks cool or beautiful.  Yoshimi has posted her videos on his Instagram and she is graceful during playing around.
Abyssinian is affectionate and she will attract Yoshimi more than female person.  Ah! Eldred!
This is Eldred.  Hmm… He is quite different from Yoshimi’s Eldred.  Haha.


The next is about Mickolio.  Mickolio’s breed is American Shorthair.  Yoshimi told about Mickolio and his episode in the comedy show…  Mickolio really likes to lick Yoshimi’s face and take a bath with him.  In the bathroom, Mickolio sits on a cover of the bathtub and licks Yoshimi’s face.  lol  By the way, their background music in the bathroom is Hawaiian music.

Andddd. This is a real Mickolio.
He used to play as a pitcher in Hiroshima Carp.  Hmm… He is quite different from Yoshimi’s Mickolio.


Yoshimi Tokui

Yoshimi Tokui was born in Kyoto on April 16th, 1975.
In 1998, he formed a comedy duo “Tutorial ” with Mitsunori Fukuda, Yoshimi’s childhood friend.  The name of duo named after their educational school of tutorials.
 Yoshimi Tokui
In 1999, Yoshimi appeared in a TV program as a regular for the first time.  Tutorial won “M-1 Grand Prix” in 2006.  Surprisingly, M-1 was the first big comedy championship for them.  Tutorial’s very unique scripts were all written by Yoshimi.  He is very talented.

Where’re cats and Ozawa?

Speaking of Yoshimi, he is sharing house with the best friend Kazunori Ozawa, different comedy duo’s member.  Actually they are alos living with Soushi Masumoto, a broadcast writer.
Their living is posted on their Instagram.  Is this their party?  They look so fun.  I completely thought they are living together but they just rent a apartment together.  Yoshimi visits the apartment 3 times in a week.
So Eldred and Mickolio can live calmly at Yoshimi’s home.  Good to know.  🙂
They are always happy.

Yoshimi’s sis is married?

I saw the keyword that Yoshimi’s sis has already got married, but it looked a fake news…  However, his sis, Atsuko is really beautiful woman.  Since Atsuko is cute and a good talker, she sometimes join shows.

Who’s Yoshimi’s girlfriend?  His ex was actress?

Speaking of Yoshimi, he won the ranking of cool guy three consecutive years and inducted to the hall of fame.  He has a lots rumor due to his looks.  I will tell you major one.

Shihori Kanjiya

Yoshimi and Shihori were scooped while they were shopping together.  He said that it was shopping stuff for their party with other their friends.  Hmm…  Okay.  It seems that there’s no additional info about them.  They were probably just friend.

Yui Natsukawa

Yoshimi and Yui met in the drama in 2008.  And then, Yoshimi was scooped when he was going into Yui’s apartment in 2009.  Yoshimi admitted relationship with her.  Every body saw them that they were going to get married soon.

After that, their breaking up and dating again reported but they finally broke up around 2011.  The reason was said that the difference of ideas of married.  Wow!  She is beautiful!

Ann Nakamura

Yoshimi send his direct message for Ann to his time line(public space) by mistake.  No one know it was real or not.


I didn’t know that, but Yoshimi and Saeko(ex-wife of Dervish Yuu) became a rumor  beMiyakefore.  It was completely fake news.

Well, that’s all about Yoshimi Tokui, a Japanese comedian.  He looked really nice with his cat.  I think he’ll have many rumor in the future, but I’m sure that his girlfriend should be love cats.  Anyway,  I look forward to Yoshimi’s continued success!