What’s Yoshio Inoue’s pet? Married with Rina. His Sis is musical star!

What’s Yoshio Inoue’s pet? Married with Rina. His Sis is musical star!

Yay!  I’m going to tell you about Yoshio Inoue’s pet, a Prince of Japanese Musical.  I also tell you about his marriage, his wife’s pregnant, and little sis.

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Hm.  Good pic!


Yoshio’s pet


It’s really famous thing, but Yoshio’s pet is a cockatiel called Maru-chan means circle.  🙂  Yoshio is saying if he can restart his life, he wants to be a cockatiel.  Haha.


He went to Bird Cafe and played with cockatiels in the TV show the other day.  He really loves a cockatiel.


This is a pic of cockatiel look like Maru-chan.  Maru-chan’s color is a cinnamon, so it’s same as the bird in this pic.  Maru-chan is 8 years old.  If Maru-chan is a human, he is about 40 years old.  So he is as same generation as Yoshio.


What’s a cockatiel?



Cockatiel is in a group of parrot.  Cockatiel is called Okame Inko Japan that is because it’s similar to Okame mask.

Cockatiel originally came from Australia and has come to Japan about 200 years ago.  It’s was not so poplar due to its plain color at that time.


Cockatiel has been bread after that and become poplar.  It has basic 9 colors and each 4 colors for faces and fathers.  So it has a lot of color variations!


By the way my cockatiel has same color as the bird in the pic.  Cockatiel’s character is friendly and timid.


If cockatiel is surprised at something, it’s going to be in panic called Okame-panic and hit the wall and get injured.  So don’t surprise it.


This is a image of Okame mask.  🙂

Yoshio’s profile


Yoshio Inoue was born in Fukuoka on July 6th, 1979.
Yoshio Inoue finished a local college and went to Tokyo University of the Arts.  He made his debut the musical “Elizabeth of Crown Prince” in 2000.  He’s been succeeding with his singing and acting skill in the musical , stage actor, and singer.


Congraturations on Yoshio’s wedding!


Yoshio got married with Rina Chinen in 2016.  I wonder if Rina likes a cockatiel.  🙂

Rina is expecting!



There’s a very hot topic!  Rina said she is expecting on March 8th 2018.  We can see their baby in July!

Yoshio’s little sis is a musical star!



Yoshio’s little sis is also a musical star called Yoshiya Hatsuki.  Her high school is ranked top level in her area.  She is so smart as Yoshio.

I think that’s all about Yoshio Inoue, a Japanese musical star.  I like him because he is a cockatiel lover.  Haha.  I look forward to Yoshiya’s continued success!